Greenlane Summer GP Symposium 2018

Theme: Preventive Medicine
Venue: Novotel Ellerslie, 72-112 Green Lane, East, Ellerslie, Auckland
Date: 10 February 2018
Time: 8am-4.30pm

The Cardiology Institute and the Greenlane Medical Specialists are hosting the Greenlane Summer GP Symposium. It is a primary care focused, multispecialty, interactive symposium.

Better chronic disease management
0800 - Hypertension: why shift the goal posts AGAIN? (Seif El-Jack)
0820 - Improving lipid management: top tips (Ali Khan)
0840 - Diabetes care 2018: what’s new (Pui Ling Chan) - [Download PDF]
0900 - Obesity management: before the knife (Ole Schmiedel) - [Download PDF]
0920 - Management of early chronic kidney disease (Jonathan Hsiao) - [Download PDF]

Is this normal?
1050 - ECGs: is this normal? (Andrew To, Derek Luo)
1125 - Haematology Labs: is this normal? (James Liang) - [Download PDF]

Preventing diseases
1300 - Preventing nasopharyngeal cancer (Angus Shao) - [Download PDF]
1320 - Screening for and preventing skin cancers (Tien Ming Lim) - [Download PDF]
1340 - Early dementia detection and management (Yu Min Lin) - [Download PDF]

Role of screening
1500 - Screening for coronary disease with CT? (Andrew To)
1520 - Screening for lung cancer? (Donny Wong) - [Download PDF]
1540 - Screening for bowel and liver diseases (Derek Luo) - [Download PDF]